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Anonymous asked: How many cocks have you suck on


I have never sucked on any cocks.  Wait, people DO that?

I am shocked.


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Anonymous asked: How do Sean's models keep going at it so long without cumming?
Why don't they ever talk during or after sex? At least a little, 'That feels great" or "Fuck me harder".
How do they get their asses so clean?


Shoots take anywhere from 5 hours to two days, you’re not seeing constant sex, but snippets of sex separated by cameras being moved around, etc.  There ARE actually straight models who work for Sean Cody.  And for them, the issue is usually not coming too quickly, it’s staying hard at all.  :)  Ah, GFP, how ridic you are.  Check the vids where SC changes the camera angle every ten seconds.  Every single one of those cuts is a break from the action, they’re just edited together to make it look seamless.

For those who really are enjoying the sex, the rule at SC (you can see in at least one BTS) is that if you cum out of turn, you have to eat it… there are probably cumshots we’re not seeing in the vids where it happens accidentally.  But give a few hours, cumming twice is certainly not a big deal.

I wish they’d talk during sex a little more, too, but it’s just a SC thing.  Gabe is the only one I’ve seen that talks some.  Rumor has it SC encourages a lot of sound-making, but not talking.

Clean asses:  full enemas, anal douches.  Some bottoms don’t eat before or during a shoot.

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Anonymous asked: Where do you download your videos?


Why, we get them legitimately from Sean Cody, because we are very legal and respectful porn-loving citizens.

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